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Clinical Oncology Unit (COU)

Key aspects of Research

Head: Assoc. Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Wolfgang Lamm

The work of the Clinical Oncology Unit (COU) consists of three aspects:

  1. Caring for patients during their stay at the Oncology ward and day clinic.
  2. Research in healthcare services to optimize the oncological care & support.
  3. Participation in developing new oncological therapeutic approaches.

That is why the COU, in cooperation with the Clinical Research Unit (CRU), plays a significant part in caring for a multitude of patients with various malignant diseases, whereby the main focus of inpatient care is on the administration of complex therapeutic regimens in accordance with the universitarian-academic character of the Division of Oncology. On top of that, comprehensive and high-quality medical and psychosocial care is to be ensured for all oncological patients, also in close cooperation with specialised palliative care facilities.

In addition to its high level of clinical expertise, healthcare research is an important key factor for the COU, as this enables further optimisation of inpatient, day-clinic and outpatient oncological care. In this context, the COU also plays a central role in academic teaching at the Medical University of Vienna. Through its close cooperation with the CRU, the COU plays a decisive role in the development of the latest oncological therapeutic approaches. The translational research of the TRU is supported by the active biobank programme for the collection of biological samples.