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ECNM - The European Competence Network Mastocytosis

Specific aims in the ECNM are to provide the best available information for patients and doctors, to provide access to important diagnostic tests for all patients, to establish standards for the diagnosis and treatment of mastocytosis, to establish Reference Centers and Centers of Excellence in Europe, and to facilitate referrals to specialists in these centers for all patients, either through doctor-doctor telenet-contact, or direct referral if required. Members of the ECNM are not obliged (by ECNM or any other site) to any specific activities, responsibilities, or restrictions. Rather, all activities provided to the ECNM by participants is voluntarily offered input. All meetings and cooperations are free of obligations or charges and there will be no membership fee. Every interested physician or researcher in Europe can become member of the ECNM without restriction. However, participating groups have to fulfil certain requirements (criteria) to be integrated as a Center of Excellence or a Reference Center. The network will also cooperate with authorities in the field of mastocytosis in the US and other non-European countries (International Advisors) in order to establish worldwide standards.