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The ECNM Competence Network is primarily based on defined active Centers of Excellence and active Reference Centers. Other Centers, such as "Research Centers" can also participate.

Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence offer a broad range of facilities for the diagnosis, management, and treatment of patients with mastocytosis. The basis of such facilities is a local network of scientists and physicians who are already focusing their research and clinical work on mastocytosis. Centers of excellence are referral centers that can be contacted from other Hospitals or Universities to get special information and advice concerning the diagnosis, management and therapy of patients with mastocytosis. Centers of Excellence can also be Reference Centers and Research Centers within the ECNM.

Reference Center

Reference Centers are highly specialized Centers focusing especially on a distinct issue or a distinct discipline relevant to the diagnosis, management or therapy of patients with mastocytosis. The Reference Center is an active Referral Center and highly specialized to give specific advice and to actively help in the diagnosis, management, or therapy of patients with mastocytosis. Reference Centers can also be incorporated in Centers of Excellence.