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The ward of the Clinical Department for Infections and Tropical Medicine is located in the General Hospital Vienna in the area of the red bed tower on level 16. The primary goal is the optimal treatment of patients with infections based on the most modern aspects of medicine.

The field of activity includes:

Finding the sources of infection and pathogens and treating them in a targeted manner with the help of antibiograms and antimicrobial drugs is a central task. The majority of patients are immunosuppressed due to cytostatic therapies or organ transplants and are therefore particularly at risk of infection.

Another focus is the treatment of patients with bacterial, viral and parasitic infections as well as fungal infections and tropical diseases (such as malaria and dengue fever).

We also have extensive experience in the clarification of unclear fever and inflammatory conditions.

Three nursing staff trained as wound managers treat patients with chronically infected wounds both as inpatients and outpatients.

Other tasks include the isolation and treatment of patients with multi-resistant pathogens.

For patients requiring intensive monitoring, our department has 6 monitors with 2 central screens (medical service room and nursing support point) and 2 Airvo (nasal high flow) to ensure monitoring and surveillance.

During the flu season, our department becomes the flu ward for the entire Vienna General Hospital in compliance with the strictest hygiene and isolation guidelines.

The department has a total of 27 beds:

  •     1 sluice room/single room with private bathroom and WC,
  •     11 double rooms, 1 four-bed room with a window to the nursing station.

Ao.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stefan Winkler

Head of ward 16J

PD Dr. Matthias Vossen, PhD

Ap. Prof. PD Dr. Oliver Robak

Head of ward nurse: FBKP Manuela Hirschl, BSc, Svtr. FBKP Elisa Seidl, MSc

Ward secretariat: Reinhard Wardy

T: +43 (0)1 40400-44850