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Clinical Psychology/Psychotherapy

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The experience of many seriously ill and dying people often comprises helplessness and hopelessness, as well as fear of physical symptoms such as pain and breathlessness, loss of autonomy and social isolation. The frequent co-occurrence of multiple physical and psychological symptoms is therefore characteristic of our patients.

In addition to medication, which is indicated for some of our patients, a wide range of psychological tools can be used to treat and manage both psychological and physical symptoms.

The role of clinical psychologists/psychotherapists in palliative care is by no means limited to the treatment of psychological symptoms. Helping to facilitate communication between all those affected by the illness and the palliative care team, identifying existing resources and providing information are also important areas of work.

The high degree of agreement between the psychological reactions of patients and their relatives in this difficult life situation means that joint psychological support for patients and their relatives must be guaranteed. Clinical-psychological support should therefore make a significant contribution to optimising the quality of life of patients and their families.