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ECNM Researcher of the Year

Researcher of the Year awarded the ‘Winner of the ECNM Medal’


The ECNM honors experts in the field of mastocytosis who made seminal contributions to mastocytosis-research over a longer time period. They are awarded the title ‘Researcher of the Year’ of the ECNM and the ECNM Medal. The honored researcher should be a major expert in the field who contributed substantially to the development of mastocytosis research in the past. ‘Substantially’ means that several of the researchers' major publications on the same topic formed a (new) concept, these publications have been cited frequently (at least one of the papers cited more than 100 times) and the concept has major implications both in our understanding of the disease and in clinical practice.

Nomination and Selection Process

The ECNM Medal is a nomination trophy. Nominations can be made by the ECNM decision board, the SAB of the ECNM, and by major academic institutions, preferably universities. However, nominations are not restricted to Centers of Excellence of the ECNM. Nominations (a brief description and explanation in an e-mail is sufficient) should be sent to Peter Valent: until February 28th of the selection year. Self-nominations will not be accepted. Members of the selection committee are excluded from the nomination process.

The Researcher of the Year of the ECNM is selected in a secret one-step voting process. The nominee who receives most votes will be awarded the title ‘Researcher of the Year’ and the ECNM Medal. The medal will be handed over to the winner during the Annual Meeting of the ECNM.