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Distribution of Competence within the ECNM

The ECNM Competence Network is primarily based on defined active Centers of Excellence and active Reference Centers. Other Centers, such as ‘Research Centers’ can also participate.

Centers of Excellence

Here, all facilities and logistics relevant for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with mastocytosis should be available. These include Dermatology, Hematology, and Pathology Units, specialized Laboratories, and the possibility to hospitalize patients and to join clinical trial. In each Center of Excellence, a cluster of collaborating scientists and physicians should be available and share knowledge and expertise. In addition, Centers of Excellence may be asked to represent a Reference Center for a distinct competence.

Reference Center

Reference Centers are highly specialized centers focusing on a distinct issue or a distinct discipline relevant to the diagnosis, management, or therapy of patients with mastocytosis. The Reference Center is an active referral center. Most important goals for the Reference Center are to develop generally accepted standards for diagnostic tests, clinical evaluations, and therapies for patients with mastocytosis, and to distribute the respective information within the ECNM and to the public. Standardization is a major issue in this regard. The aim for the ECNM would be that in the network, at least one or two Reference Centers per competence are established in Europe. Frequent exchange of material, knowledge, and technology between centers should lead to an increase in competence in each center over time.

Other Centers and Participants

Other centers and participants will also cooperate within the ECNM. Research Centers may conduct studies on mastocytosis (without seeing patients) in collaboration with members and other centers in the ECNM. Smaller centers and individual researchers and advisors will also contact the ECNM in order to join in preclinical or clinical projects.