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Translational Research Unit (TRU)

Key aspects of Research

Head: Ass. Anna Bergmeister-Berghoff

The assignements of the Translational Research Unit (TRU) consist of the following:

  1. Scientific linking of clinical and basic research ("from bench to bedside and back")
  2. Conducting translational studies regarding oncological diseases

In close cooperation with the Clinical Oncology Unit and Clinical Research Unit, translational research projects are carried out within the Translational Research Unit to improve our understanding of diseases and to identify new therapeutic approaches. In interdisciplinary collaboration, oncologically relevant findings from basic research are analysed for their significance in a clinical context in order to develop new therapeutic concepts. The programme directorates of the TRU focus on the biological significance of extracellular vesicles, the signal transduction and metabolism of cancer cells, therapy resistance mechanisms, bioinformatics and immune system interactions during oncological therapies as well as disease progression.

Scientific training, complemented by seminars and journal clubs, is another focus of the Translational Research Unit as part of numerous PhD, Master's and diploma projects.

The Christian Doppler Laboratory for Personalized Immunotherapy is part of the Translational Research Unit and examines biomarkers for cancer-Immunotherapy. The official opening took place on April 29th 2021,